Rev. Crystal Groves – Our Clergy/Grove Organizer

12107100_10153022831370974_4072254404315754751_nOriginally from Maryland, but now promoting all things heathen and druid in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Crystal is our resident Clergy, Organizer, Outdoorsy Eco-Nut and Tech Wizard. She enjoys creating liturgy, workshops on lifehacking, and finding ways to incorporate spiritual life into the mundane and vice versa. In the mundane world she runs a tech company that creates web solutions for small businesses and runs a community supported farm.

Personal Journal: Tawodi
Professional Journal:
ADF Journal: Eithne Naal
Liturgical Journal: Grimoire
Business: Misfit Interactive & Copper Kettle Farms

Cat Heath – ADF Dedicant and Pesterer of Liturgy

CatHailing from NW England, Cat is a previously nomadic type who’s been doing this polytheism thing since the early to mid nineties. A serial ‘wearer of many hats’, Cat is also involved in Heathenism and more traditional forms of Witchcraft as well as ADF Druidry. Cat enjoys reading dry scholarly tomes, knitting, adapting folk magic charms for modern use, and shenanigans. To see more of the kind of thing Cat is into, check out her home on the web here


Donald Smith – ADF Member

Donald is originally from Texas but is our resident Ingsman and gardening guru as well as our fire tending hero. He enjoys root beer, gardening, and really knows his shit.  No really, in the mundane world Donald is a plant operator in municipal wastewater treatment and is passionate about finding ways to reduce waste and work with the environment.

Joshua Heath – ADF Member

11219690_10154179465514111_8543560382429265473_nJosh is a long-term heathen, but a recent Druid. He has a preference for song, poetry, and other artistic arts. He has a preference for the Norse/Anglo-Saxon/Germanic expressions of the IE cultures that ADF represents. He’s a big geek and gamer and is a believer in conflict resolution. Josh can be found being a Social Justice Bard at Keep On The Heathlands and the Inclusive Gaming Network

Jackie Hannibal – ADF Member

Bio Coming Soon 🙂